Amber Rayne nude wrestling with Jennifer Dark


A non-ranked exhibition match at Ultimate Surrender, as Jennifer Dark is still in training. She’s learning.


Amber Rayne is ranked 11th at this match, and even though Jennifer tries hard, she loses round one.


In round two she manages to remove Amber Rayne’s bikini bottom, but it’s no use, she loses the match.


As she lost, she must do the ‘Ultimate Surrender’ and let Amber Rayne have her way with her as she chooses. Amber Rayne gets the strap-on dildo and pounds Jennifer Dark as a harsh punishment.


All the video of these wrestling matches can be found here =>

Nude girls wrestling at Ultimate Surrender


It’s Madison Young and Wenona in the orange bikinis vs Ariel X and Jennifer Dark in the red bikinis.


At Ultimate Surrender, the rules are simple. It’s three tags per round in three 12 minute unscripted rounds.


The stakes are high for the nude girls wrestling orange as they fight to avoid being in very last place.


With red team declared the winners, the last round consists of them dominating and fucking the losers!


Ultimate Surrender

Call these girls a bitch and see what happens! This site shows our girl gladiators battling their way to defeat their enemy. Competitive female sexual wrestling, where the winner gets to fuck the loser any way she wants! Scissors, headlocks, and backbreaking submissions holds. NO ACTING! This is catfighting like you’ve never seen before!

Alexa von Tess wrestling Jennifer Dark


This is Jennifer Dark’s first official match, and she has very little chance against experienced Alexa von Tess.


In the first round, Alexa does a body drop and easily pins Jennifer twice to win the crucial first round.


The second round doesn’t get much better for Jennifer Dark, finding herself outclassed on the mat.


As a condition for losing the match, Alexa von Tess gets to dominate and fuck Jennifer Dark any way she wants. She opts for the strap-on and anal fucks her to teach her a valuable lesson at Ultimate Surrender.