Jennifer Dark – Totally Fucked 2

Jennifer Dark as the naughty nurse

Jennifer Dark is at home taking care of her sick husband Johnny Sins. She feels sorry for the poor bastard and decides to cheer him up with a little sex play. She dresses up as the naughty nurse complete with white stockings and proceeds to give him some oral treatment. He rises to the occassion and somehow finds the strength to get out of bed and fuck her like a freight train. She’s so happy he’s feeling better she begs for every drop of his cum while on her knees. I hereby dub Jennifer Dark as ‘Nurse Facial’ lol!

Jennifer Dark escort service

Jennifer Dark escort video courtesy of Tonight’s Girlfriend.

Jennifer Dark moonlights as an escort and shows up to Johnny Castle’s hotel room to be his girlfriend for the night. He’s paying big money, so she’s willing to go the extra mile, modeling her sexy outfits for him until his raging cock tells him it’s time to fuck. She gives up her pornstar pussy and he slams it as much as he can before blowing his load all over her pretty face. Now that’s a night to remember. Hiring Jennifer Dark as an escort is a spank bank fantasy that would last a lifetime.

Jennifer Dark glory hole

Jennifer Dark glory hole! She somehow agrees to visit a porn shop with private booths that have dick holes cut in them for anonymous blowjobs. The guy on the other side of the wall doesn’t even know it’s the lovely Jennifer Dark sucking his prick – or even that it’s a woman at all. He figures it out soon enough when she presses her pussy against the glory hole to get fucked by who knows who.  She liked it so much she switches to the next wall for even more anonymous blowjobs. Will she fuck this one too? Will she stay in that porn booth all day? Once word gets out there is a Jennifer Dark glory hole, guys will be lining up around the block for her to suck their dicks… and I’d be one of them.

Jennifer Dark fucking video

That’s all this video is – Jennifer Dark fucking. She spreads her sexy legs and goes to pound town with a tattooed man with a big dick. This back room banging is just what Jennifer Dark is good at, and her sexy foreign accent can be a real bone inducer. Bang Bros hit it out of the park with this raven haired beauty.

Jennifer Dark Porn Fidelity

Jennifer Dark Porn Fidelity! I’ve been wondering where she’s been recently, and it’s turned out she’s back in the biz in a big way. Here she’s caught cheating with married man Ryan Madison. He has her tied up for some light bondage in the back yard before jumping her bones. She gobbles down his married cock and spreads her legs for a serious fucking. You won’t believe how much ass this guy gets at Porn Fidelity!


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Jennifer Dark sword swallows two cocks

Jennifer Dark once again finds herself between two hard cocks in this threesome video. So what’s a porn star to do? She only has one mouth to suck with at a time but her hands are sexual machines that take them skiing a couple times. With both cocks in her face she gobbles them down as fast as she can with her special blowjob intensity. In her broken accent she says those dicks taste good so I hope she loves swallowing the spunk just as much.

Jennifer Dark speared by black dick meat

Jennifer Dark has quickly become a fan of black dick meat ever since we introduced her to Monsters of Cock. Since then she keeps bugging us for more work, so we throw her a bone when we can and slip her a healthy dose of a guy with a seriously thick cock. It seems her hunger can never be satisfied in this interracial video.

Jennifer Dark stuffs her mouth with cock

Czech pornstar Jennifer Dark has an overactive sex drive. That’s why she frequently stuffs her mouth with cock. In this video she gobbles down some dick and slaps it around her face before filling her aching pussy with his shaft. He fucks this European nympho as hard and deep as he can and she takes it all like a good slut should. Jennifer Dark should be in the cock sucking Olympics.

Jennifer Dark at triple glory hole

Jennifer Dark puts her blowjob skills to the test at this triple glory hole with anonymous cocks. She doesn’t know who is on the other side but she knows how to suck a dick. It’s one of her favorite things. The very thought of pleasing three strangers turns her on immensely. Now I’m wondering how my girlfriend would feel if I build a glory hole at home…. probably with a little less enthusiasm as Jennifer Dark. Sad smile